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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kid's Birding Club -"Bird Buffet"

On January 13th the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands and World Birding Center held their first KBC meeting of the year titled, "Bird Buffet"! This weeks meeting was filled with fun & laughter as kids of all ages prepared to "treat a bird to lunch" for their very first time.

To prepare for the occasion, members set up feeding stations throughout the park and prepared tasty foods for our feathered guest. In no time, KBC members whipped up delicious entrees like a peanut butter & cornmeal mix and decorated trees with fruit hoops and peanut garlands.

Participants were thrilled to get their hands dirty and to learn what kinds of birds their feeders would attract.

"Bird Buffet" is part of a three part series. Each session is designed to give young birders a better understanding of a bird's diet and give them insight on what goes on inside the bodies of these unique creatures.

On January 27th, all kids are invited to participate in our next meeting, "Bird Digestion 1". Here members will learn the journey food takes once it enters the body of a bird. We will end the last session of this three part series on February 3rd with "Bird Digestion II". Here kids will discover what goes on once food goes beyond the stomach.


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